How I delayed gratification in my son

How I delayed gratification in my son, undoing a parenting mistake we introduced thanks to our smart phones

When our son was young we made the mistake of showing him pictures of him on our smartphones. He quickly picked up navigation skills to the delight of most of our family. Unbeknown to us he was also quickening his sense of gratification. When he gravitated to changing videos within the first 5 seconds of watching any we realized what a huge mistake that was. #parenting #momlife #momsquad #dadlife #dadsquad

A clever trick to get me some me-time

Every mom or dad likes to have me-time especially after a child comes into the picture. I used my smartphone for this hack. Read how I did it.

I can be really stubborn about my ideas and methods. Often times I'd miss a call or respond late to a text cos my phone was never with me as I was with my son! I tried delaying introducing the phone to him for as long as I could. Then I realized I could use the timer in my phone to introduce to him the concept of time, and get me some me-time (not long like hours, short like minutes) and it worked great! #parenting #momlife #momsquad #dadlife #dadsquad

How I built up time management skills in my son

How I used my phone to build up time management skills in my son. Really works.

Most parents will constantly have a phone by their side. Children are often introduced to the phone by their parents. The downsides of phones and their effects on children's behaviors aside, I believe phone apps such as the clock and the timer, can be awesome tools to help a parent teach the concept of time. Read how I used my smart device to build up time management skills in my son. #parenting #momlife #momsquad #dadlife #dadsquad