How parents can win with time

Time isn't the issue. Engagement is. Parents struggle to have energy for their kids. When they do, anger gets in the way of quality engagement. Parents can win with time if they can manage their anger. #parenting #momlife #dadlife

From drifter to mom: my journey

All my life I quit before I built anything extraordinary. When my son was born I wondered whether I could stick with motherhood all the way.

All my life I quit before I built anything extraordinary. Can I stick with motherhood all the way? I wondered these thoughts when I met my son for the first time. It was 12 hours after a c-section under general anesthesia. I was groggy but I was quite sure my atypical feelings were mine alone. #parenting #momlife #momsquad #dadlife #dadsquad

Confession: I was not mom-like when I had my son

Confession: I didn’t feel like a mom when my son was born and I told no one for fear of judgement and lack of support

When I first encountered my son I didn't feel an immediate connection and I told no one. Every article that I'd ever read pointed to a motherliness that would exude from the star mom when her child was born. I didn't feel motherly at all. In fact I still felt my single self. Married, but before a child. #parenting #momlife #momsquad #dadlife #dadsquad

On parenthood

Parenthood is a phase once you're you're never out

Parenting is not about being the ideal parent. It’s about raising a little person with a mind of his or her own to the best of your abilities and circumstance. Parenting is about trying to cope the best we can and remembering to look into those little faces, with or without our children. #parenting #momlife #momsquad #dadlife #dadsquad