Confession: I was not mom-like when I had my son

Confession: I didn’t feel like a mom when my son was born and I told no one for fear of judgement and lack of support

When I first encountered my son I didn't feel an immediate connection and I told no one. Every article that I'd ever read pointed to a motherliness that would exude from the star mom when her child was born. I didn't feel motherly at all. In fact I still felt my single self. Married, but before a child. #parenting #momlife #momsquad #dadlife #dadsquad

My first day off from motherhood

I had my first day off from motherhood. I'm hooked and my husband, elated

Like most moms, I thought I was indispensible. My son has to have me by his side and everyone else is wrong about everything. Fast forward to 18 months later I'm knackered and most times all I want to do is some me-time. I also snapped out of postpartum depression and figured out I had a hand to play in the thin relationship my husband had with my son. #parenting #marriedlife #momlife #momsquad #dadlife #dadsquad