On parenthood

Parenthood is a phase once you're you're never out

Parenting is not about being the ideal parent. It’s about raising a little person with a mind of his or her own to the best of your abilities and circumstance. Parenting is about trying to cope the best we can and remembering to look into those little faces, with or without our children. #parenting #momlife #momsquad #dadlife #dadsquad

My first day off from motherhood

I had my first day off from motherhood. I'm hooked and my husband, elated

Like most moms, I thought I was indispensible. My son has to have me by his side and everyone else is wrong about everything. Fast forward to 18 months later I'm knackered and most times all I want to do is some me-time. I also snapped out of postpartum depression and figured out I had a hand to play in the thin relationship my husband had with my son. #parenting #marriedlife #momlife #momsquad #dadlife #dadsquad

Trump invaded our nursery & mom is sorry

All my son wanted to do was to play and my premature tidying up was hurting him

All of us have moments in our lives that test our courage. Taking children into a house with a white carpet is one of them - Erma Bombeck I fight a minor OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Nobody complains about it when I'm trying to keep the house tidy or when I'm packing three pieces of luggage before we go on a trip - I'm the only reliable one who gets every necessity and extras in - but when it comes to my son's time for play, I realized I have to take my OCD somewhere else. #parenting #momlife #momsquad #dadlife #dadsquad

A clever trick to get me some me-time

Every mom or dad likes to have me-time especially after a child comes into the picture. I used my smartphone for this hack. Read how I did it.

I can be really stubborn about my ideas and methods. Often times I'd miss a call or respond late to a text cos my phone was never with me as I was with my son! I tried delaying introducing the phone to him for as long as I could. Then I realized I could use the timer in my phone to introduce to him the concept of time, and get me some me-time (not long like hours, short like minutes) and it worked great! #parenting #momlife #momsquad #dadlife #dadsquad

A great game to get my son to sleep without any fuss or tears

This is a great way I got my son to sleep. After you're past him figuring out how it works, he will play along and fall asleep! Find out how I did it.

One weekend afternoon I tried to get my son to fall asleep. After an hour of singing, cajoling and rocking in a comfortable environment it dawned on me to play a game for him to fall asleep. Nope, this wasn't quite like the game to see who fell asleep first, although this game was the inspiration for this one in part. I hope you will enjoy playing this game with your child, it gets even better when you add variations to it! #parenting #momlife #momsquad #dadlife #dadsquad