Hi I’m Connie. I’ve a full time job in a conservative American corporation that frowns on working from home. I have two loves – my two year old son and my coder-husband, and I am one of those fortunate grown ups who has a good relationship with my parents.

For the first 35 years of my life I led an entirely different lifestyle, an excessively playful one that took me places and greatly helped me in appreciating what I have now. These days I’m working on being a good role model to my son, and helping moms and dads discover less stressful ways to parenting.

I am not afraid to experiment to find out what works, and I am certainly unafraid to be an atypical mom. All my life I was a rebel, and I’m still a rebel now. I don’t expect to raise my son like a sheep, that’s the last thing I would like for him to become. It’s tricky having to balance disciplining and following our true paths but I continue to try.

We have to stay true to ourselves even if we are parents! I believe our kids and our partners will appreciate us for that. I tend not to follow generic guidance from corporations and health associations because let’s face it – these entities have hidden agendas to benefit them, not necessarily us. These unfold themselves when you follow the money, i.e. decipher the monetary, pride or power motivations behind their intent.

I hope my perspectives and insights will be inspirational to you. Every kid is different and every parent is different so let’s find out what works for our children, shall we?


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